School Consultations

UVW works with schools and families to support effective behavioral interventions when mental health has proven to be a barrier to school success. This can include attendance at IEP or 504 meetings, conversations with school counselors, and meetings with classroom teachers.

UVW provides school-wide trainings around social emotional learning, resource coordination, and overall student wellness. 

Summer Camp Consultation

UVW works with camps and families to support a successful summer camp experience, including working with the child, family and camp to create a plan to provide specific preparation for the child and ensure the camp is prepared to meet the child’s needs. 

UVW provides camp wide trainings around counselor mental health and wellness, scheduled mini-mindfulness sessions, and can be available for guidance around specific mental health issues. UVW also works with summer programs to create mental health policies that meet the needs of individual campers and counselors, as well as the general milieu.